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The Underachievers – Leopard Shepherd

The Underachievers – Leopard Shepherd

by January 15, 2014 Boombox Gamer


Look, I’m just going to say it…The Underachievers remind me off Poor Righteous Teachers. There I said it, and it’s a damn good thing. Remember I said remind me. The Underachievers have a goal it’s blatantly obvious in an infectous way that is their own which makes them original. Compared to what you can hear today. They sit in a realm where their music sits comfortably streaming across whatever device you consume your music on.

It’s that gut Hip-Hop where the lyrics carry the flows sublimely. Not preacher, but current with a flavor that does not walk a line of trend. To say I understand this school is to know that by tradition The Underachievers are kids I knew, adults I admire, and friends I still listen too. Check out the visuals for “Leopard Shepherd”, and drop a comment. Love to hear what you think of them.




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