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Pusha T ft. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade

Pusha T ft. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade

by October 8, 2013 Boombox Gamer



I remember having a conversation months ago, actually it may have been this time last year to be honest. I was wondering how much more of a marathon run could Pusha T be on, before he  received  not his proper respect, but his place performance wise with the best currently. It’s far from whether or not Pusha T is known in fact his ride along with that of his brother Malice has been a Hip-hop opera all it’s own. You can tell exactly what type of person Pusha is from his ability to still be here. He believes in the work, he believes in the music, he believes in his relevancy, and believes he’s necessary.

That my music loving friends is why people should pick up Pusha’ album. I asked a friend of mine recently what he thought was stopping Pusha T, and he said something that I had not considered. “He’s rapping about what everyone has been on, and nothing we haven’t been on. You know how many dudes out here know this drug game inside out? You know how many dudes done been through what he talk about? Where’s he taking it to? What level can he go with it?” I sat back, and thought about it. In many respects he’s right, but at the same time how can you fault an artist? I guess it’s more about growth, and if that’s the case then this new album by Pusha T does indeed show growth. Both sonically, musically, and visually. The question though is will his growth equal success? I think Pusha T is, but that’s for history to tell. Take a listen, and look at “Sweet Serenade” featuring Chris Brown. This one is a banger, and has feel that is just right for the moment we in. Lyrically the vibe is on a level that pushes Pusha T right in that good space for listeners to learn his new vision.


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