by Mr.Galore on April 10, 2013
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The jump to HD last generation, and it’s spotting in previous generations before was just the beginning. In fact the future is already here. The problem is that most consumers, and media aficionados have not really taken full advantage of their great 1080p televisions  Already we are being bombarded by applications, 3d, big screen tv innovations keep getting better. Well it’s not going to stop. It’s going to be a bit of time but, 4K is the next step in viewing media content at high levels. Some people have 4K capable devices, but just like with HD in the early stages there is not much content in the format for it to be of mainstream acceptability yet. This is for early adopters, and the curious. Sony has on offer for a suggested price of $700 the Sony X1 4K media player arriving in the summer. The device will come with installed content of 10 movies that range in both content, and viewing quality. With Sony set to be creating a distribution service, and the Playstation 4 said to be taking advantage of 4K in some way. Sony is gearing up to be the leader, if not the outright flagship company for all things 4K. How good is 4K? To be honest it’ll be the content that will tell the story. For now I suggest you get your one’s up. 2013 is a whole new start for media, and tech entertainment generation pushing.


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The Walking Dead Official Store
The Walking Dead Official Store
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