Nokia Introduces The World To Human Form Phone


Nokia HumanForm: Concept Phone Human Form Flexiable Phone

The bendy concept phone has been much the rage in terms of the concept designs we have been seeing from many different mobile phone and technology companies. Nokia, being one of the most had demoed their Human Form Concept Phone last month. What is interesting is the fact that allows a person to control ones phone by flexing, bending and stretching it. It’s electronic mobile play doe. Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer has decided to develop a new added layer of their experimental project; Nokia is time releasing a demo video of one of these high tech handsets. Like most of these new fangled bendy devices they all seem interesting in person and on paper. The question is how useful are they in our everyday life? Well with Nano technology being at the heart of this devices innovation. We perhaps should be looking at the Nokia Human Form more  as an experiment for much more different future when it comes materials we use and the form factors they will come. Nokia and Microsoft just may be testing the waters and boundaries of what can be done today; while showcasing just what the potential future of tech will be for our everyday use.

Nokia humanform phone


What is very attractive about these multitouch  phones and tablets is that they have a design that litteraly breaks what we have long considered to be the norm. Where’s the metal, where’s the hard plastic,  etc. These devices ask many questions and frankly we just don’t know if they are any more useful than what we have currently. The technology is very different for our environment which litterally changes the way we see and use our displays. It’s a brave new world. Nokia Human Form

The real question is if Nokia and Microsoft can take this technology to new heights; making it something of a must have for people who may not even know they need this interesting device. In some respect, it does not matter, because both are not the only companies working on these type of stretch/bending devices. So, the questions are many, with the most prominent being do phone lovers, and tech heads want this particular device? The jury is still out on it all.