WallStreet Journal Confirms New PlayStation 4.5 Will Be Unveiled In 2016; Good or Bad Gamers?

Posted on and both released information that Sony was in works to create a higher end PlayStation 4 model to co-exist the current PlayStation 4. Having sold over 30 million units, Sony is looking for a beefier upgrade to the PlayStation 4 so that VR gaming, and ultra high resolution can now be available to […]


Paragon Is On The Way To Xbox One Soon

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Epic’s Paragon ran live with its Initial Access stage a week ago on both PC and PlayStation 4. Epic’s first Moba title is free to-Play (F2P). This Spring there will be a n open, but to enter you’ll have to purchase one of the Founder Paks they have for sale.Clearly, Paragon is a significant and […]


Playstation 4 VR With Motion And Camera Gives Microsoft Hope For Kinect 2 & Hololens On Xbox One In The Near Future

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Up until yesterday motion controls were all but dead and gone. The idea that playing a game with your hands, and waving around like a silly person is now in vogue. Ask Sony, and gamers looking forward to the Playstation 4 VR experience motion controls are now necessary for you to fully play. In order […]


Ubisoft’s The Division Sequel Should Use Microsoft Azure Cloud To Expand Gaming & Universe

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I had to take a break from playing The Division to write this article while my thoughts, and game play experience where still fresh enough for me to convey the sense of entertainment, appreciation, and wonderment of UBISOFT latest open world title. This weekend for me started on Thursday with the open beta. Playing with […]


Ubisoft Releases Trailer To Breakdown Skill & Advancement In “The Division”

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Ubisoft had a successful beta last weekend for “The Division“. So much so that a new beta is scheduled for February 16-21st, and in lew of the games release next month. Massive the developer behind the title today sent out a trailer that showcases how skill advancement takes place in “The Division”. For those that are […]