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Nike 2014 Air Trainer 1 “Pro Bowl”

What a magnificent NFL playoff season we had for the 2013/2014 year. I mean the top teams that showcased a high level of consistency this year fought it out. Did Russel Wilson become a star or what? Wow, did Peyton Manning just juice the game with the elegance of a well aged Château Haut Brion […]

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Liberty & New Era Premire Their Capsule Collection Of 2014

        New Era premiers their new collaboration aimed for this spring where floral print is the script they are writing with. Liberty is a London based fabric company developed not only the hat designs but a series of accessories to go alongside them. Understood to be a capsule collection the hats are […]

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BAIT x ASICS Gel Lyte III “Vanquish” & “Guardian”

Like New Balance 574′s the ASICS Gel Lyte series always attracted me on other people. I don’t know, I just couldn’t see them on my feet. A freind of mine was perhaps the only person I knew rocking them two/three years ago. The color way was rich, and vibrant without being gaudy and alarming in […]

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Colette x Nixon 2013 Gold Time Teller Watch

I am an absolute fan of callboration between companies for their brands. When done right you get something incredibly refreshing, that hits the right note in a way that stays with you. Becoming something of a signature or better yet a moment. This is exact case with Nixon & Collete the concept boutique from Paris. […]

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Nike Air Trainer SC High QS “Alabama”

We call these the BO’s after Bo Jackson; which was the name that is most associated with the Nike Air Trainers. This is the one shoe that rivals any pair of Jordans to me. So it’s interesting to see how Nike is rebranding the sneaker without the famous atheletes name attached. The SC High QS […]

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The second pair of FILA sneaekers are on this site? Must be hell freezing over. Sarcasim aside FILA has come back with two hard packs that are irresistible if you are any sort of sneaker head. We showed off the “BK ALL DAY” Pack, now it’s the “NYC” Pack; which showcases the New York Knicks/METS […]

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Conan O’Brien Brings “Clueless Gamer” To Dallas AT&T Stadium…Mind Blown


So Conan O’Brien decided to shatter every single gamer‘s mind by pulling out one of the most amazing abuses of status, fame, and money. He got to play video games on the Dallas AT& T Stadium television. If you tune in regularly to Conan then you should already be aware of his gaming segment “Clueless Gamer” where he and his buddy basically go through the pains of getting Conan into gaming. His helplessness is the premise of the show. So enjoying his bad skills, jokes, and variety of titles he plays is pretty much the shtick of the segment. How hard body was it for him to play in Dallas AT&T Stadium? It’s never level. There isn’t a gamer worth his controller that wouldn’t want to sit, eat, and breathe a week of gaming in that stadium with your buddies online. Body parts would be sold for such a feat.  Conan went next gen by playing Madden, Need For Speed, and Street Fighter 2 on the Playstation 4. Let me step out the way with the words so you can see how mind blowing this is. (more…)

PS 4 MLB 14 The Show Reinvents Baseball Gaming


For years now the second best sports game has been “MLB The Show” for Playstation consoles. I say second best only because not every gamer across consoles and PC get a chance to experience the sport of baseball in the excellent fashion by which Sony’s San Diego development studio delivers it. Baseball inherently is a very difficult sport to simulate in terms of action, nuiance of involvement that is asked of gamers, and the mechanics that dictate the pace of the sport itself. When you talk about sports like Soccer, Football, and basketball you are dealing with sports that are faced paced in terms of active pace. Soccer may be low scoring compared to Baseball, but it makes up with the tenacity in activity. The old past-time of baseball needed a kick in the rear. MLB 14 The Show reinvents not only the great experience the franchise has delivered in the past, but also the way it can be displayed going forward.  (more…)

Learn All About Phil Spenser The Head Of Microsoft Xbox Division


In today’s industries across the world leadership is at a premium. Absolutely critical to the success or failure of a business platform. As we edge closer to convergence within technology, and lifestyle. It is important that areas of interest are holistic, but identifiable in their purpose, and vision. Microsoft’s Xbox One was mired in the muck during the reveal of the platform last year in May. Setting up a firestorm of confusion about what Microsoft’s Xbox One is all about. The issue had less to do with what Microsoft had planned many would say, and more about the execution in conversation. In effect due to pressure Microsoft responded by rescinding many good as well as controversial policies. Now Microsoft in a strong focus is restablishing their foothold not so much on the game console market, but more so in communication. Part of this plan has been the promotion of Phil Spenser a 26 year veteran of Microsoft to the head of Xbox. Get to know him in this video, and his plans for all things Xbox.  (more…)

BloomBerg TV: Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Vision


So much has been happening as of late with Microsoft since apointing their new CEO. Many divisions have been consolidating, as well as expanding, and in some cases graduating in status commitment/focus. Phil Spenser has gone from being Microsoft Studios head to now the honcho in charge of the entire Xbox eco-system. This new position is in effect a hardware & services executive one. Along side of it is the young division of Xbox Entertainment. Microsoft is looking to leverage it’s IP, and brand power in the console gaming space to bring gaming & entertainment focus to a new place. Ambitious? Yes. About time? Absolutely. In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg Television Online. Nancy Tellem, Microsoft’s President of Entertainment and Digital Media sits down with Jon Erlichman to give a robust outline of what Microsoft’s aim is with Xbox Entertainment. (more…)

SquareEnix Resurgence & New Gaming Perspective Set To Start At E3 2014


In anything creative you have to know what you do well in order to compensate for what you don’t do well. From there on you refine, and adapt your abilities, not to trends, but towards more consistent growth in what you create. SquareEnix rise as a great publisher of JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Games) was based on their ability to merge gameplay with story that made taking on the role within a universe they created a magnanimous experience.  For many gamers SquareEnix began losing their way when they decided to format their philosophy to a more global perspective. This inherently was not an issue if the credo of SquareEnix was to commit to adapting what they do well to a new level of expectations from both gamers, and the progress being made by other developers in the RPG playing category. Speaking with  Nikkei Trendy, Matsuda president of SquareEnix acknowledged how the company needed to recommit itself to delivering a holistic experience across it’s portfolio of titles that the company can deliver to gamers as opposed to a regional definition of gaming & accessibility. (more…)

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain PC Bound Afterall


Spanish retail site xtralife.es recently took down a posting where they listed Metal Gear Solid 5 “The Phantom Pain” for the PC. Up until this, there has been much speculation, but very little evidence or credence coming from Konami about the up coming game in terms of a PC version. Ironically the first sighting of this was on April 1, but the actual posting was last month on the 31st. The significance of this news is less to do with any conspiracy, but much more in the vein of it being a major next generation console title that will now appear on PC at the same time. (more…)

PS 4 InFamous Second Son Black Out Glitch

infamoussecondson3A Reddit user posted a very interesting, and weird happening in his PS4 game of “Infamous Second Son”. Apparently he is not the only one experiencing a black out in the game where the entire in game city of Seattle goes pitch black. There is a solution, but it’s a bit cumbersome to initiate. A player would have to as best as possible find their way to the ocean. Once there the character you play in Deslin goes into the water, and poof; like magic your on your way again. (more…)

Target Drops Xbox One 1 Price To $330 and offers a $450 TitanFall Xbox One Bundle


The benefits of competition are coming early for gamers. Target has lowered the price of an Xbox One to $330 dollars. Awesome news right? Wait it actually goes a bit deeper. Target is also offering an Xbox One bundle that is worth $450 dollars. What’s in the bundle you ask? Well how about the fact that you can now get TitanFall, and a full year (12 months) of Xbox Live. Is this enough to spur more sales for the Xbox One?  (more…)

EA Gets To Publish Respawns TitanFall 2 & It Will be Multiplatform


Without a doubt Respawn Entertainment is the hottest new triple “A” studio, and their partnership with EA on TitanFall. As one of the first huge titles of this new generation, the game was resounding success. Especially for Microsoft since it was an exclusive title for the Xbox One. The caveat is the fact that as an exclusive EA & TitanFall missed an opportunity to grace the Playstation 4. Sony‘s new console for this generation has made a huge impact selling more consoles world wide currently than the Microsoft’s Xbox One. Meaning that 4 million gamer’s missed out, and EA/Respawn on major guap. Is there a TitanFall 2 on deck? Yes. Will it be exlusive…Nope. EA has stated the game will be multi-platform now as reported by Polygon. (more…)

GameFace The Android-based VR headset


GameFace is an Android-based virtual reality headset. Labeled as a self-contained headmounted VR. Players have no need to hook up any other device or equipment to use it. In a weird twist to showcase the headset the company is openly using an Oculus Rift development kit for it’s optics. Ed Mason in speaking with Polygon had this to say about the cross tech use “We’re not hiding that,”.  “We’re not comfortable showing off our optics until we can get some protection on them. We’ve developed a slightly different set of lenses that helps with lens barrel distortion.” It is expected that development kits of the VR technology will be available for $500 later this year. (more…)

Sony Enters The Virtual Reality Arms Race With Its Morpheus Project



Sony Computer Entertainment took the reigns off of Project Morpheus. It hasn’t been the best kept secret for the past month and half; but true knowledge of what Sony’s VR headset is all about became apparent yesterday. Titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment” at GDC 2014. The house of Playstation has playable demo builds titled “The Deep” and “The Castle Demo”  that are showcasing how much work Sony has made in the Virtual Reality space. As of yet not much physical demonstrations have leaked, but we expect many publications in attendance will have concrete impression of Morpheus VR. Polygon’s Ben Kuchera has an interesting write up on thier site.  (more…)

GDC 2014: Ubisoft Massive Entertainment Shows Off The Snow Drop Engine


Ubisoft tends to at times get lost in the shuffle when we talk about gaming’s elite publishing houses. Ubisoft’s pedigree of talented developers and properties have not gone unnoticed. Franchises such as Rayman, Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, among other titles like Ghost Recon are among the gaming industries best. Now with Massive Entertainment creating what may just be the biggest, and most refreshing game for a new generation. The developer from Ubisoft shares with attendees, and the larger world exactly what is powering Tom Clancy‘s “The Division“. Enter in…The “Snowdrop Engine”. (more…)

One Year Later, Is The Playstation 4 Riding A Success Of Hype More Than Substance?


2013 started with a resounding announcement on February 20th when Sony unvieled the Playstation 4. Showcasing a well thought out, and designed console for a new generation of gamers. The battle cry and mantra “For The Players” has led the charge inspiring the kind of confidence only seen in the hey day of Playstation dominance. The Playstation 3 struggled for most of last generation. If not for Sony’s pedigree with gamers catching up to the aggressive competition that Microsofts Xbox 360 presented the PS3 could have been Sony’s last horay. Some gamer’s call Playstation 3′s comeback a victory, but in truth Sony has been hemoraging financially, and their battle with Microsoft cost them much. Whether we are talking about failed attempts with Playstation Home, Playstation Move, and the woefully inadquate PSN. The Playstation 3 showcased grit and determination in bouncing back. The Plasytation 4 for all intents and purposes has reinvigorated Sony, the Playstation brand, and finally making PSN + a better online service today for gamers on the console. Selling close to 5 million Playstation 4′s across 45 countries and the home release in Japan releasing today to success. Sony’s Playstation 4 is in a strong position. There’s just one problem though. For a console dedicated to gamers; where are the games? With a percieved weaker hardware, costing $100 dollars more, Micorsoft’s Xbox One has perhaps the biggest killer game of this new generation thus far. What does the Playstation 4 have? Hype? (more…)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2-Dracula The Hero


As the release date of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 approaches Konami & Mercury Steam are releasing media content for our posting, and your consumption. Without a doubt Mercury Steam has brought Castlevania back to a great place. Their work on the first title, and subsequent handheld titles have fleshed out a grand story in the Castlevania/Vampire/Dracula myth’s. It’s quite remarkable how the franchise has evolved under Dave Cox supervision & Mercury Steams development especially from a story telling standpoint. In many respects this telling in the series has out paced that of Castlevania “Symphony Of The Night” which is by far the gold standard of what the series has been about for years now. (more…)

How About That Facebook Paper?


Facebook Paper  is Facebook‘s new approach to news on your mobile device. Offering the latest news from our Facebook feeds. For many of us this may or may not be a great thing. Yet, as a younger audience migrates away from the platform Facebook is looking to be current in it’s information allowing Facebook to still be front and center where anyone is. Facebook Paper takes a page out of the “Flipboard” app in the sense that presentation, and easily digestible information is central to the user interface and interaction that users will experience. (more…)

Apple Dominates Q4 As PC Makers Continue Losing Ground



The demand for PC sales are slowing at a more substantial rate than many in the space may like, while Google the giant disruptor makes gains on Microsoft with the Android OS, Apple continues to dominate with tablets further eroding the PC and Windows once mighty hold. Canalys  has released their Q4 figures tracking PC sales; showing that the iPad by Apple has a seized 19.5%  of all sales in real world numbers amounting to just shy of 31 million units. Even more interesting or alarming depending on your business or personal position is the fact that Canalys believes even without tablets PC shipments would have seen a 7 % decline comparatively to what was seen at the same time of Q4 in 2012. For PC’s & Windows it sounds like the play worldwide is in tablets. Want more figures? Tablets are accounting in and of themselves 76.3 million units shipped which is 48.4% of the entire PC market. Representing a 65.2% growth. Laptops, and Notebooks are also part of the equation, but not quite in dramatic fashion. So what do PC & Microsoft do now?  (more…)

Dell Maybe Planning To Lay Off 15,000 Employees


As the PC market continues to concede ground to mobile Big OEM‘s have had to reevaluate how they offer consumers a PC experience within the hardware that fits all points. Some may believe that this is a hardware or technology issue, but rather it is more a lifestyle problem. The PC ethos has been married to the desktop concept of use. Even though for many who have explored the real of PC it is by far a more flexible tool, and expandable. This again is also a problem. The form and function of PC is multitasking, and customization. As much as people are in need of their own imprint, we like to have a broad, but limiting tool-set so we always know what to expect. It’s a tricky play, and Dell the once mighty PC OEM is trying to figure out it’s way. Rumor has it that Dell could be laying off 15,000 employees as a result of user’s going more into a mobile lifestyle. (more…)

Michael Pachter Calls Xbox One Rumor Of Disc-Less Edition…Dumb Idea


Earlier today Thekingslayer.com along with other gaming sites posted some unverified rumors that have come out from website Neogaf user. We won’t glorify the persons name here but, many in the gaming media along with us; have been questioning some of the statements. Mainly due to a few of them being the sort that would have huge ramifications on the new generation of consoles. VG24.com decided to get to the bottom of the hype, and ask one of gaming’s most famous or infamous personalities depending on how you take his analysis Michael  Pachter. He unequivocally called the idea of Microsoft releasing a disc-less Xbox One “I have three words for this idea—dumb, dumb, dumb.” (more…)

Sony Has A Ton Of Confidence In Infamous Second Son Doing Well For PS4

InFamous-Second-Son-Games-WallpapersAs the first month of the new draws to a close information that was non-existent has started to trickle out in the gaming universe. One such title that we are receiving more info on is Sucker Punch‘s “Infamous 3” sequel for the Sony’s Playstation 4. Infamous is one the best exclusives migrating from the Playstation 3. It set a standard with its super hero inspired gameplay and story telling. Both of which have an established identity that looks to be taking full use of the Playstation 4 hardware. With gamers starting to get antsy in search of new games for the next generation console. Infamous 3 has Sony pretty confident for how it will perform when gamers finally get their hands on it this March. (more…)

Revisting Insomniac Games “Sunset Overdrive” Townhall Livestream

sunsetoverdrive_Layer 5-noscale

Not much after E3 Insomniac Games held a Town hall Livestream on their new announced title “Sunset Overdrive”. The stunning debut and ultimate revelation that the once second party of Sony; best known for it’s exclusive titles on Playstation was now making games for Microsoft’s Xbox platform took the world by surprise. More impressive was the trailer, and subsequent identity of the game was showcasing some impressive gameplay idea. Unfortunately the “epic-ness” of the news has been drowned out by fanboy wars, media fueled agendas to downplay Microsoft media hub, but fully game focused console. We decided to give Insomniac it’s due on “Sunset Overdrive”. (more…)

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Nike 2014 Air Trainer 1 “Pro Bowl”

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